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NGP Networks prides itself on having the best level of associate satisfaction in the industry.  We truly believe in our services and our associates.  Our associates' are our assets and the key to our future, and we intend to keep it that way.  Come join the NGP Networks team. 

NGP Services List

Our compensation plans are the leader in the industry. Our philosophy is that if our associates are compensated to the highest level, they will be dedicated to the sucess and pride of NGP Networks.

Currently, we're only looking for candidates in the greater Phoenix metro area. As we expand our operational area will expand throughout the southwest region.

Job Description
We will always provide detailed job descriptions, roles and responsibilites that allow our associates a clear direction to be able to career path in our organization. A clear description benefits both our associates' and NGP Networks.

Benefits / Vacation
We offers health/dental/vision benefits, vacation, 4-week paid sabbatical every five years and a 401(k) plan.

Schedule / Flex-time
We offer all associates an afforded work schedule and a choice between: a. flexible work schedule (flextime); b. 4 day, 10 hour per day workweek; c. 5-4/9 compressed workweek with alternate Fridays off.

Corporate Culture
To be successful in our small, creative, team environment, you'll need to be goal-oriented, proactive, innovative, technically proficient, analytical and customer focused. In addition, you'll need to be: adept at problem solving and multi-tasking, an exceptional communicator, self motivated, and a team player.

Regional Sales Associate
NGP is looking for a part-time commissioned based sales associate with technology industry experience.

Marketing Associate
NGP is looking for a local part-time marketing specialist looking for his/her next marketing challenge with an intelligent dynamic group of associates.

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