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About Us

NGP Networks (Next Generation Performance Networks) was founded in June 2002.  Our vision is to redefine networks as they exist today.

What is a Network? We are surrounded every day by networks whether it is the utilities companies, communication and mobile networks, the internet or even virtual networks such as networking with other people. Our goal at NGP networks is to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical to create one harmonious and thriving environment.

Our mission is to use these global networks to create one seamlessly integrated network used to define the way we perform our daily tasks with the highest level of quality and performance.

NGP Networks stands for Next Generation Performance (NGP) Applications and Networks, since just connecting one network to another will not allow it to communicate, we know you need to be able to bond these together. Our applications are architected to be the cohesiveness that is both flexible, strong, secure and scalable to bond these together and allow them to communicate uninhibited and grow with unprecedented success.

About NGP Networks

At NGP Networks we realize that this is an opportunity for organizations to understand, design, implement, and maintain technology in their ever changing world.

We embrace this opportunity and understand the complexity it makes and apply proven industry techniques to assist your organization in adopting and implementing the latest hardware and software technology to strengthen your organizations infrastructure.

We use proven patterns and practices such as virtualalization, redundant data storage, digital certificates, web services and multi tier development to create reliable, secure and maintainable solutions for our customers.

We always focus on the overall picture and the needs of our customers to help guide them in making good sound technology decisions.

NGP Networks is qualified and certified in the following areas:

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