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About Our Team

NGP Networks employ the most knowledgable and specialized members in the technology industry.  The profiles of our team are below.

Mark Meury, Principal

Mark's career has been in the software industry and he has been at the heart of some of the most highly secure and globally available applications used by millions daily.  Before founding NGP Networks, Mark was educated at Westminster College with a B.S. in Computer Science.  After College, Mark became a highly accomplished consulted to many Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, Bank of America, PNC Bank, Radiant Systems, and First Data

In 2001, as a Senior software engineer Mark contributed to developing EFSnet, a large scale electronic finacial payment processor via the public internet for both point-of-sale and e-commerce merchants as an alternate to private frame, satellite, and dial-up communications.  Used today by IRS, McDonalds, Subway, PETCO, Vans, Oracle and many other tier 1 companies that processes over $12BB annually.

While a Vice President at  Bank of America in the Card Services Division he contributed to developing the operational reporting infrastructure to support over 120 million card holders and $250 BB in annual tranaction volumes. 

His primary role is to ensure NGP Networks delivers what the market needs in every aspect of its service, technology and solutions.

Donald Fleming, Principal

Don's applies the engineering disciplines he learned while a student in Penn State's Mechanical Engineering program to technology.

After college, Mr. Fleming quickly transitioned into software development when he assisted American Express in their development of global platform software program designed to manage over 600 offices in 13 countries worldwide. He was also a member of the AXI team that developed and supported a corporate travel product in conjunction with Microsoft which later was used as the basis for the software utilized by

In 2001, Mr. Fleming moved to Bank of America as a VP within the Consumer Risk Operations Group with responsibilities including software development for use by 5,000+ associates and mitigating approximately $2BB in losses. Through creative and innovative use of technology, by the end of his tenure the software developed reached more than 10,000 associates throughout the U.S. while reducing the required operating budget by over 50%.

Mr. Fleming has expertise in multiple roles from both a business and technology perspective including large-scale database implementations and network connectivity. In addition, he holds a six-sigma certification with subject matter proficiency in procedural and operational efficiency.

NGP Networks is qualified and certified in the following areas:

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