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About Our Team

NGP Networks employ the most knowledgable and specialized members in the technology industry.  The profiles of our team are below.

Brian Swift

After getting his degree in computer science Brian has been studying and applying his object oriented programming background to develop highly avialable client server and web applications.

At Bank of America Brian was an important contributor to the associate productivity tracking system use by over 18,000 users internationally. He converted all application tier communication protocols from TCP based windows services to web services to reduce memory leaks, improve performance, reliability, and scalability.

Brian's passion for intelligently solving new challenges makes him an ideal engineer for taking on new programming opportunities or re-engineering legacy processes.

Skills Summary

Microsoft .NET
Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server
TCP/IP, UPD Client
Web Services

NGP Networks is qualified and certified in the following areas:

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